Leveraging originality to create a business book that people will actually enjoy

When Ron Rapatalo first began talking to us about publishing his book, we were skeptical. We were struck by his high energy and relentless enthusiasm, but we’ve often found that an author’s personality does not cross over into their book. Particularly in the business genre, it seems that people strive to write a boring book because they think that’s the benchmark. However, we’re glad to say that Ron’s book is anything but boring…

Leveraging originality to create a business book that people will actually enjoy
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When Ron Rapatalo first began talking to us about publishing his book, Leverage The People Who Love and Care About You Personally and Professionally, we were struck by his enthusiasm and infectiously high energy.
However, we were skeptical.
In our many years working in the world of publishing, we’ve often found that an author’s personality, no matter how great, does not cross over into their book.
Particularly in the business genre, writers will ditch their real-world personas, and all the creativity and originality that has made them so successful, to create a boring book.
They think that’s what the audience wants, they think that’s business, so they sacrifice a large part of themselves to essentially: do what everyone else does.
So many business books are gray and dreary and have all the engagement of a school workbook.
But Ron’s book wasn’t like that…
In fact, we found Ron’s book to be so full of character, color and practical learnings—so full of his voice–that our first read-through of his manuscript left us delighted, amazed and really excited.
Ron’s book was a genuine reflection of himself, with his high energy and self-deprecating sense of humor almost jumping out of the pages of his book. We were thrilled to work with him.
As his publisher, we’re glad to say that not only does Ron’s book hold a mirror up to his unique personality, but radiates his thoroughly decent values too.
Ron’s commitment to genuinely helping his readers to progress in their work and navigate all the highs and lows of any career path is present throughout.
So too is Ron’s dedication to equality and the inclusion of people from different backgrounds in the workforce of today.
Readers of Leverage will get to know Ron through the honest stories he so brilliantly tells in each chapter, showcasing the challenges he faced early in life, such as tragically losing his father, to those he encountered as a family man with a wife, kids and a career to consider.
It’s not all success, and that’s where Ron’s book really shines. Readers will be able to relate to many of the trying situations that Ron found himself in as he tried to advance in his life and his career.
As an antidote to the pitfalls that any career path (and life journey) can produce, Ron holds up his ‘Circle of Champions’ as those who have helped him get to where he is today.
The son of Philippine immigrants, the NYC-native has worked his way up to being associate partner with a talent equity consulting firm, a pioneering podcaster and now a book author too!
But, in his book, the recently WSJ featured “Talent Shepherd” is quick to selflessly credit the impact that his ‘Circle of Champions’ has had on his success.
In Ron’s book, readers will get to know the archetypes of the circle; the ‘Empathetic Teacher’, the ‘Career Yoda’, the ‘Straight Shooter’, the ‘No-Nonsense Nurturer’, the ‘Visionary’ and the ‘Personal Sage.’
These are characters the author believes are essential to anyone looking to better themselves.
Ron casts an observant and empathetic eye over the qualities of each archetype, how they helped him and speaks with a real fondness of and gratitude for each.
Through getting to know the characteristics and the benefits of surrounding oneself with these characters, Ron teaches readers how to embrace similar people in their lives and build their circle of champions.
It’s a networking book, but not as you know it. It’s real, it’s colorful, and its lessons are worthwhile.
As Ron said: “Everyone in business should pick up this book, and realize that they are already surrounded by the 'champions' they need, in order to shift the Earth on its axis.”
If you’d like to learn how to build your own ‘Circle of Champions’ and progress your career, or just enjoy an entertaining read, Ron’s book Leverage is out now and can be found here.


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